CAS launches Lightning Proposals

Corporate Asset Solutions has today launched its Lightning Proposal portal to help busy introducers get a quick initial decision on whether the proposal is something that CAS would be able to fund. We’ve pared the data down to the minimum of What’s the Asset, How Much and Company Type plus the introducer’s contact details so that we can get back to you quickly. The portal can be accessed by phone or desktop by going to lightning.corporateasset.co.uk


Helping Care Leavers

For those of you who would like buy a gift for a care leaver but don’t have the time to face the busy shops we have created a wish list on Amazon where you can choose and purchase a gift which can be sent directly to us. Please feel free to let us know after you have purchased a gift so we can thank you personally.

You can access the list by clicking here


Christmas for Care Leavers

With Christmas fast approaching it’s a time for most of us to head out to purchase food and presents ready to share a day of festivities with the ones we love but what happens to those who don’t have a family? Imagine waking up on Christmas morning alone?

There are currently over 750 Foster Care leavers in Hampshire, young people aged 18+ who have been taken away from their families due to neglect or abuse now preparing to leave their Foster Families and facing the prospect of Christmas without a Family or sometimes even a home.

Sophie Hannington a foster care leaver from CAS says: “The transition from Foster child to Care Leaver is still failing a lot of young people due to lack of support and break down in homes and this time of year can be especially hard for a young person who feels unloved and forgotten by the people who are supposed to care.

If it wasn’t for the support of strangers around me I wouldn’t be here today which is why I am now determined to ensure others get the support and recognition they so desperately deserve.

A gift is not a lot to some but to a young person facing the prospect of Christmas alone a gift and a thought from a stranger in their community could be the small gesture that makes a big difference.

I was able to collect and distribute over 2000 gifts for these individuals last year and it felt incredibly rewarding and made a massive impact on them at this time of year.

We understand there are constant crisis calls from charities all around the world but this is a real life need, in our community, for young people that don’t feel cared for and are still trying to find their place in the world.  Your support in any way, small or large WILL make a difference.

Zac Cogan the Managing Director of CAS say: “CAS has always supported local charities but have chosen to make this appeal our dedicated charity to try and make a difference where we can this Christmas and moving forward With Sophie’s chosen cause. She is already making a big impact having been a Care Leaver Ambassador and recently named as a Director of our local branch YMCA Charity in recognition of her hard work in this area – we are very proud and supportive of her and would like to try and help her reach her goal of providing a present or bundle of presents to each of the Foster Care Leavers in Hampshire.

Your donation large or small will make a difference.

Here are some suggested gift ideas:

  • Christmas sweets and chocolates (No fresh food)
  • Advent calendars up until the 1st of December
  • Toiletry sets
  • Clothing
  • Sporting goods
  • Stationary
  • Gift/ activity Vouchers

As an added bit of fun, anybody donating over £100 will be a ‘Corporate Sponsor’ and if you are happy, we will put your Company details as a Supporter on our Charity page on our website that we will be running during this campaign.  Further, if you also choose to make this your chosen appeal or embark on any Company events in support of this, we will also recognise this here. Sophie will also provide regular updates here as to her progress.

Sophie can be reached on the above number where she can take a card payment.

Thanks in advance for your support if you would like to read more please follow the link below to Sophie’s 2017 appeal which made it into the Daily Echo here.


Welcome Alex Parr

We are happy to announce that Alex Parr has joined us as Credit Relationship Manager with effect from 1st March 2018.

After deciding that being a postman wasn’t for him, Alex joined Ageas Insurance and worked his way through claims handling, business development and underwriting over a period of 7 years.

Alex says “I’d been looking for a new opportunity for a while and it was great to be asked to join. I’m looking forward to working with some great people.”


Corporate Asset Solutions launches separate lender and broker services

Southampton-based lender Corporate Asset Solutions (CAS) has relaunched its business with divisions dedicated to services for brokers and services for lenders.

CAS operations director Trevor Pirie said that the relaunch was designed to clarify the business’ offering to brokers. CAS no longer runs a broking division but does provide services to brokers.

Click here for the full article.


Your success is our goal!

Within our lender services business, our offerings can help you build or grow your own finance or rental portfolio. We are more than just a lender.

With solutions such as portfolio management, quick credit decisions, prompt payments to vendors and suppliers and periodic payment collection using our own software, we can help your grow your business.

These are just some of our services available. Call 023 8076 6467 or click on the picture for more details.


CAS Launch Alpha and Omega Offerings

Corporate Asset Solutions launched its Alpha and Omega offerings today.

Firstly, we wanted to make it very clear that CAS is a “lender” and not a broker.  We have our own paper / book, and we value introductions from brokerages.   Secondly, in order to avoid confusion we wanted to create two distinctive offerings. Just click on the images to the left to get the flyers as PDFs but here’s a summary of the offerings.

CAS Alpha offering:

  • Amount:  Up to £500k.
  • Stronger Counterparties (albeit we are still prepared to invest time in understanding any stories that need to be told).
  • Hard & Soft assets at very competitive rates.
  • As well as our own CAS paper, we are also the authorised representative for the RateSetter HP proposition and this falls within our Alpha offering.
  • The RateSetter HP product has “Capital Only Settlements” – so that can be quite useful.   Yields start at 5.8%. In addition, we can consider 120% advances for hard assets.

CAS Omega offering:

  • Amount:  Up to £100k.
  • Weaker Counterparties – including start-ups.
  • Credit Criteria – this links time trading and amount required.

Service Delivery:

  • Credit Decisioning:  We aim to provide a decision with a maximum of 4 hours for deals up to £150k (albeit much quicker for more obvious good deals) and 24 hours above £150k.
  • Deal & Paperwork Fulfilment:  We are quick to get this paperwork out, but we are also prepared to make your life as easy as possible including deal sign-up / asset inspections etc as you require.
  • Payout:  Our aim is to get the deal paid out as quickly as possible.  Our dedicated New Deal Administration team is motivated to make this happen.

Contact Points:

Please do send us your proposals via email:  proposals@corporateasset.co.uk

We really do value introductions and hope that you like the features of our two offerings.


PEAC portfolio acquisition by Corporate Asset Solutions Ltd.

The Hampshire based Financial Solutions and Services provider, Corporate Asset Solutions Ltd (CAS), rounded off a successful 2017 with the purchase of a lease portfolio from PEAC (UK). The portfolio of c. 1000 Lease agreements are for a variable mix of assets across the SME spectrum and are very much in CAS’s core marketplace of SME lending within the UK broker space.



Zac Cogan, Managing Director of CAS commented, we were delighted to be given the opportunity by PEAC to purchase one of their non-core portfolios. We were quickly able to provide a solution that ensured an efficient, trusted transfer for PEAC’s Clients and Brokers utilising our own technology for a seamless transaction. With the Sale completing on the final working day of the Year, it caps off a hugely successful year for our business. As well as good growth for our own originations via our Broker network, this is yet another big win for the Lender Services side of our business where we are now involved in numerous activities from Portfolio Management, Funding Resources through to Portfolio Acquisition.



John Phillipou, CEO of PEAC (UK) commented; As PEAC looks to grow in the UK and across Europe, it is essential that we focus on the core markets which align with our expansion strategy. CAS have demonstrated specialism and know-how in servicing these SME clients which will ensure that the portfolio is well maintained. PEAC’s expansion in both the soft asset and hard asset sectors utilises brokers, introducers and vendors and is driven by investment in the latest leasing systems to deliver fast and effective decisions and service.


Zac Cogan structures deal for Business Lending Exchange and Conister Bank

Britain’s SMEs have been given a boost with the announcement of a multi-million pound deal structured by CAS Managing Director Zac Cogan which sees asset finance lender The Business Lending Exchange (BLX) reach an agreement with Isle of Man-based Conister Bank for a £4m funding facility. This new facility will immediately be put to work with BLX looking to lend to a customer base of start-ups, sole traders and small businesses with advances of between £1,000 and £30,000. Further, BLX is also promising to give a decision within one hour of receiving an enquiry and lends money secured on assets such as vehicles and machinery. Follow this link for the full story


Christmas time for Simon Says

Brian Adams of Simon Says came to HQ today to collect the presents that CAS staff had bought for the children that Simon Says help get through Christmas. Instead of doing the normal “Secret Santa”, everyone agreed to donate the money to presents that will help some of the bereaved boys and girls from Hampshire.

Simon Says is a charity that aims to Support Hampshire children and young people up to the age of 18 years who has a significant person in their life who has died or is dying.